Drawers,,Console,$109,Set,Mirrored,Table,2,Makeup,Mirro,Home Kitchen , Furniture,inovartebc.com.br,/lupus6438643.html,with,Mirrored Drawers,,Console,$109,Set,Mirrored,Table,2,Makeup,Mirro,Home Kitchen , Furniture,inovartebc.com.br,/lupus6438643.html,with,Mirrored $109 Mirrored Makeup Set,Mirrored Console Table with 2 Drawers, Mirro Home Kitchen Furniture Mirrored Makeup Set Console Table Fixed price for sale 2 Mirro Drawers with Mirrored Makeup Set Console Table Fixed price for sale 2 Mirro Drawers with $109 Mirrored Makeup Set,Mirrored Console Table with 2 Drawers, Mirro Home Kitchen Furniture

Mirrored Makeup Max 61% OFF Set Console Table Fixed price for sale 2 Mirro Drawers with

Mirrored Makeup Set,Mirrored Console Table with 2 Drawers, Mirro


Mirrored Makeup Set,Mirrored Console Table with 2 Drawers, Mirro

Product description


This is our 2 drawers glass mirrored makeup table, which has a beautiful appearance. It is perfect for any room, this mirrored makeup table will glamorously complement your home. With its mirrored finish, it adapts to any surroundings without overpowering yet, catches your eye with its unique presence. Shimmering mirror reflects across the composition. The practical size and function works as well in the living room as it does in the bedroom. Do not hesitate to buy one!


1. Impresses with its chic and contemporary design

2. Anti-scratch and rust-free, durable and sturdy large worktop, high living comfort

3. With 2 large capacity drawers for storage private things

4. Convenient size desk for any room of the house

5. Personalize your home or office with this functional desk

6. Wipe-clean surface, and easy to clean

7. Easy for assembling


1. Material: Density Board amp; Glass

2. Dimensions: (41.34 x 14.17 x 29.92)”/ (105 x 36 x 76)cm(L x W x H)

3. Weight: 34.61Lb / 15.7kg

4. Drawer Quantity: 2pcs

Package Includes:

1 x Desk

Mirrored Makeup Set,Mirrored Console Table with 2 Drawers, Mirro

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