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lux Same Fresno Mall day shipping Meter Humidity Temperature Handheld Datalogger D Thermometer

lux Meter Humidity Temperature Datalogger Thermometer Handheld D


lux Meter Humidity Temperature Datalogger Thermometer Handheld D

Product description

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Model ET-176
Humidity range 0~100%RH
Humidity Accuracy 45~75%RH: ±3.0%RH
0~45%RHamp; 75~100% RH:±4.0%RH
Temp. range -40~70℃
Temp. Accuracy -10 to 50℃:±1.0℃/1.8℉;
other ranges, ±2.0℃/3.2℉
Sample rate selectable from 1 sec to 24 hours
Data update 2 times/second
resolution 0.1
Memory 30000 Temperature amp; 30000 humidity readings
Over range indication LCD display "-OL-" symbol
Operating conditions -20 to 60℃, 10%RH to 90%RH
Storage conditions -20 to 60℃, 10%RH to 75%RH
Power supply One 3 V CR2032 battery (Batteries NOT included)

1. USB interface for set-up and data transfer to PC.
2. Set-up allows the user to select the logging rate, start time, alarm limits and logging mode.
3. Automatically generate a PDF report while plugged into PC.
4. PDF file contains summary, graph and detailed data list.
5. Dual color LED provides instant status indicator for REC and High/Low temperature.
6. Large memory capacity:30000 Temp.amp;30000% RH readings.
7. Sampling rate: Selectable from 1 sec to 24 hours.
8. Humidity calibration function.
9. Supplied with code lock.

lux Meter Humidity Temperature Datalogger Thermometer Handheld D

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