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YSCMX Weight Vest Boxing Daily bargain sale Equipme Workout Challenge the lowest price Fitness Training

YSCMX Weight Vest Boxing Weight Training Workout Fitness Equipme


YSCMX Weight Vest Boxing Weight Training Workout Fitness Equipme

Product description


The cut of the vest is specifically designed for all training movements. Running, Jumping, Handstand Push ups and even hand stand walks. With this vest you can do it all without the vest moving from its perfect position.

We have designed a weight vest for men, women or children. Thanks to its adjustable buckle cord, the weighted vest is suitable for all body types, so it provides unlimited freedom of movement, and the material is soft and comfortable.

The weighted vest also has a soft and comfortable Oxford fabric. Reduce your burden and reduce the feeling of heaviness. This vest provides you with a high degree of comfort during training. The materials used are comfortable and durable to the skin. The fitness vest is easy to maintain and clean.

This weighted vest can increase your aerobic strength and endurance, help you gain strength and burn more calories. Applicable scenarios: fitness equipment, running sports, fitness and bodybuilding, dance sports.

YSCMX Weight Vest Boxing Weight Training Workout Fitness Equipme

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