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Gind Automatic Sweeper High‑Frequency Baltimore Mall Vacuum lowest price Robot C Cleaning

Gind Automatic Sweeper, High‑Frequency Cleaning Vacuum Robot C


Gind Automatic Sweeper, High‑Frequency Cleaning Vacuum Robot C

Product description


1. Imitate hands to clean the floor. Real simulation of high‑frequency reciprocating motion.
2. Automatic cleaning, anti‑collision and U‑turn, low noise, enjoy a quiet life.
3. The lower part of the humidification spray function is equipped with an uItraviolet indicator light. The broom is equipped with a spray function, which can be sprayed and humidified by sweeping the floor.
4. The sweeper is suitable for marble floors, tile floors and wooden floors.
5. The built‑in 1200mAh polymer lithium battery can be used for 90 minutes after charging for 4 hours.


Item Type : Smart Sweeper
Material: ABS
Weight: Approx. 968g / 34.1oz
Voltage: 5V
Battery: polymer lithium battery 1200mAh (battery included)
Working Time: about 90 minutes
Charging Time: about 4 hours
Noise: 60db
Scope of Application: marble floors, tile floors, wooden floors, etc.
How to Use: Press the switch twice to turn on, and then press the switch twice to turn off.

Package List:

1 x Smart Sweeper

1 x Mop

1 x Manual

1 x USB Cable

Gind Automatic Sweeper, High‑Frequency Cleaning Vacuum Robot C

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