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Window Film One outlet Way Mirror Privacy Static Latest item Deco Non-Adhesive

Window Film One Way Mirror Film Privacy Static Non-Adhesive Deco


Window Film One Way Mirror Film Privacy Static Non-Adhesive Deco

Product Description

WPCTEV films are the brand leader in DIY (do it yourself) window films. Our best in class deep dyeing, coating have helped design higher performing, longer lasting films that are among the best in the marketplace. improves the appearance of your windows screen by adding a designer look, Meanwhile our DIY static film with excellent heat insulation effect so as to energy efficient, block UV rays.

With house heat control film, makes life much more wonderful!

one way mirror privacy window film Static cling decorative heat control stickers Treatments Vinly


Windows bring sunlight in but also cause cooling cost.WPCTEV Window glass privacy film can reduce energy loss and lower cooling costs by up to 30 percent.

  • No glue:This removable solar window film is made from PVC,thickness of 0.15mm,clear and bright,no need glue when applying.
  • Easy to use:Static cling film, applicable to any smooth or flat glass surface,like window,sliding door,balcony,protecting the glass from damage.
  • Multi-function:A suitable house window tint,worked as privacy curtain in daytime,Also it can block annoying glare and reject UV to reduce fading; protect interior furnishings.widely used in dining room,residential,bedroom,office and etc.
one way mirror privacy window film Static cling decorative heat control stickers Treatments Vinly


1.Window film the privacy effect will be different as the light and angle changes.

2.Single plane fluoroscopy:One-way perspective refers to the strong light intensity side can't see the dark side of the light, which means when indoor light is stronger than outdoor, people outside can see people inside.In general,people outside can't see people inside during daytime.

3.Different effect between daytime and night:The outside glass will show a mirror effect as well as keep your privacy during daytime, when evening indoor light is stronger,then the glass outside will lose mirror effect as well as outside people can see inside.

4.Mirror effect:The mirror effect we said means it has a slightly reflective effect,not totally like a mirror.

5.Peel off the backing transparent protective film, paste the film to the window and use your hand to press it from the top down so that it can tightly attach to the surface, put protective film on window film before squeegee away water and air bubbles,prevent damaging window film.

Package:Window film x 1

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Window Film One Way Mirror Film Privacy Static Non-Adhesive Deco

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