Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,Sputnik,Modern,$98,Br,Lamp,Hanging,Light,Chandelier,/holard6438795.html,,Pendant,6,Flames $98 Sputnik Chandelier Modern Pendant Light 6 Flames Hanging Lamp Br Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans Sputnik Chandelier Modern Pendant Light Br Flames 6 Hanging High quality Lamp Sputnik Chandelier Modern Pendant Light Br Flames 6 Hanging High quality Lamp $98 Sputnik Chandelier Modern Pendant Light 6 Flames Hanging Lamp Br Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,Sputnik,Modern,$98,Br,Lamp,Hanging,Light,Chandelier,/holard6438795.html,,Pendant,6,Flames

Sputnik Chandelier Modern Pendant Light Br Flames 6 Hanging High quality Lamp free shipping

Sputnik Chandelier Modern Pendant Light 6 Flames Hanging Lamp Br


Sputnik Chandelier Modern Pendant Light 6 Flames Hanging Lamp Br

Product description

Color:Black-6 Lamp

As a Sputnik chandelier, it is also a good choice of hanging it over a dining table.

Style: Modern, simple, Nordic style
Color gold
Cap: E27
Material: metal
Done: Brush Brushed
Create: Sputnik
Lightbulb contained or not: no
Style: Mid of the Century Modern / Industrial / Vintage / Retro / Classic
Use: interior lighting, hallway, living room, kitchen, bedroom, bar, restaurant etc.
Max Watt: 40W
Voltage: 110V ~ 240V
Chadelier Total length: 58 cm
For the place: 10 ~ 25

This beautiful multi-light ceiling light helps to improve our living environment!

Sputnik Chandelier Modern Pendant Light 6 Flames Hanging Lamp Br

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