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Radhna Traditional Indian Regular Karah Complete Free Shipping Brass 70% OFF Outlet

Radhna Traditional Indian Indian Traditional Brass Regular Karah


Radhna Traditional Indian Indian Traditional Brass Regular Karah

Product description

Indian Traditional kadai has enough space for cooking vegetable curries, dishes and commercial purpose use also. Looks great on the flat bottom, durable and, with heavy-gauge brass, deep vessel height is useful to cook more food.Perfect for your kitchen. Karahi serve for the shallow or deep frying of potatoes, sweets, and snacks such as samosa and fish and also for Indian poppadoms . PLEASE NOTE -IF YOU WANT TIN COATED POLISH IN INNER SIDE PLEASE INFORM ME BEFORE PURCHASING WE WILL CHARGE EXTRA FOR THIS SERVICE.

Radhna Traditional Indian Indian Traditional Brass Regular Karah

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