Set A14 Kanyanich 2021new shipping free shipping Serum Ultimate Po Sunscreen Rojukiss Cream Set,,Cream,Ultimate,A14,/gasoline6749297.html,Set,Sunscreen,$65,Beauty Personal Care , Skin Care,Rojukiss,Po,Serum,Kanyanich Set A14 Kanyanich 2021new shipping free shipping Serum Ultimate Po Sunscreen Rojukiss Cream $65 Set A14 Kanyanich Set Serum Ultimate Sunscreen Cream Rojukiss Po Beauty Personal Care Skin Care Set,,Cream,Ultimate,A14,/gasoline6749297.html,Set,Sunscreen,$65,Beauty Personal Care , Skin Care,Rojukiss,Po,Serum,Kanyanich $65 Set A14 Kanyanich Set Serum Ultimate Sunscreen Cream Rojukiss Po Beauty Personal Care Skin Care

Set A14 Kanyanich 2021new shipping free Serum Ultimate Po Sunscreen San Francisco Mall Rojukiss Cream

Set A14 Kanyanich Set Serum Ultimate Sunscreen Cream Rojukiss Po


Set A14 Kanyanich Set Serum Ultimate Sunscreen Cream Rojukiss Po

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Rojukiss Poreless Day Cream SPF35 PA+++ 45Ml Collagen Firming Revitalize Healthy Anti Aging Youthfulness Looking Young Moisture Nourish Beauty Skin.
Skin problems, dull skin, and dark spots that are deeply embedded in the deep.
Facial cream invented for dark , weak solution to difficult problems.
Reduces dark spots and tighten pores. Skin appears smoother and smoother in 14 days
- With deep penetration of Gigaglow to direct to handle dark circles in the skin.
- Enriched with natural extracts, Jeju Lotus helps reduce dark spots.
- SPF35 / PA +++ protects the skin from UVB and UVA, protects the skin from dark circles and dark spots in the future.
- With Witch Hazel to smooth skin and Tightening pores
Place of Origin : Korea.
Registration Number : 10-2-6100039850.
Content : 45 ml/box.
Directions : After using serum, apply daily in the morning on well cleansed face and around the eyes.

Kanyanich Set Contains : 6 pcs.
Kanyanich K Ultimate Serum 30 ml = 2 Bottles.
Kanyanich Untimate Sunscreen Cream SPF50+ PA+++ 25g = 1 Tube.
Kanyanich Gluta Rice Milk Soap 70g= 2 Bar.
Kanyanich Ultimate Cream Sunscreen Cream SPF50+ PA+++ 25g.
Kanyanich Ultimate sunscreen cream
An enhanced sunscreen that protects.. The ultimate step. Go ahead.
- With SPF50 PA +++ to protect for up to 8 hours.
- Protects against both UVA and UVB rays, the cause of dullness.
- Oil control formula and sweat not stains during the day.
- Helps retain moisture in the skin, making the skin soft.
- Feels fresh and comfortable on the skin. Can be refilled during the day
- Suitable for all skin types Both women and men are not clogged.
Net. Weight : 25g.
Kanyanich K Ultimate Serum 30 ml.
Concentrated extract from green tea lea
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Set A14 Kanyanich Set Serum Ultimate Sunscreen Cream Rojukiss Po

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