Marpac Yogasleep Zohne Portable Conditioner Sound White Tampa Mall $56 Marpac Yogasleep Zohne Portable Sound Conditioner, White Health Household Health Care $56 Marpac Yogasleep Zohne Portable Sound Conditioner, White Health Household Health Care $56,Zohne,Portable,Yogasleep,Conditioner,,,Health Household , Health Care,/gasoline6653297.html,White,Marpac,Sound Marpac Yogasleep Zohne Portable Conditioner Sound White Tampa Mall $56,Zohne,Portable,Yogasleep,Conditioner,,,Health Household , Health Care,/gasoline6653297.html,White,Marpac,Sound

Marpac Yogasleep Zohne Portable Conditioner Sound White Tampa Classic Mall

Marpac Yogasleep Zohne Portable Sound Conditioner, White


Marpac Yogasleep Zohne Portable Sound Conditioner, White

Product description


Helps improve concentration and promote quality of sleep by producing soothing white noise.View larger Great for soothing babies, sleeping with snorers, drowning out loud office noise, or helping travelers feel at home, sweet home. With its compact and sturdy design, the Marpac Zohne Portable Sound Conditioner makes it easy to tune out distracting noises and enjoy a healthy night's sleep at home or on the road. A touch of one switch produces soothing white noise in your choice of rain, waterfall, or surf, and the easy slide control lets you customize the tone of your chosen soundscape. The Zohne produces full-sized sound conditioning in a more portable package; it comes ready for travel with a dual-voltage transformer and set of three plug Naturally Produces Soothing White Noise The Zohne creates white noise without using digital loops or recordings and works in any environment where unwanted or intrusive noise is a problem. With the touch of one button, it emulates the soothing, natural sound of waterfall, rain, or surf to block out everyday noises like a coworker's chatter, a partner's snoring, or next-door neighbors playing music. The white noise produced by the Zohne can also be used as a sound shield to provide confidentiality for doctor's appointments, mask phone calls with clients, or protect other private conversations. Adjustable Settings To Customize Your Experience With the Zohne, you can customize your sound experience to accommodate different spaces and situations. Choose the wave (surf) or the consistent (rain/waterfall) setting, and then adjust the tone and volume exactly to your liking with the easy slide control. Compact and Durable Design for Travel The Zohne can make your hotel room feel more like home for a better night's sleep. At 4-1/8 inches high and weighing just over 1 pound, the sound conditioner's lightweight, compact size makes it ideal for travel. It's made of durable plastic and fits in the included black nylon pouch so you can toss it in a suitcase or overnight bag and go. Plug-in Operation at Home or Abroad The UL-listed Marpac Zohne Portable Sound Conditioner has a 6-foot power cord and works in all countries with 100-240 volt power at 50-60Hz. It comes ready for use in the US, with a three-plug adapter kit for international travel. Zohne Portable Sound Conditioner Sleep soundly and protect privacy with high-quality white noiseBlock out distracting noises in your home, office, or hotel roomChoose the seamless, soothing sound of waterfall, rain, or surf Adjust tone and volume precisely with easy slide controlCompact size and power-adapter kit make it ideal for travelIncludes sound conditioner, nylon pouch, dual-voltage transformer, US, European, UK, and Australian plug adapters, and user manual

Marpac Yogasleep Zohne Portable Sound Conditioner, White

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