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LFSYYQ Lyre Challenge the lowest price of Mail order Japan ☆ Harp 19 Strings Nylon Wooden L Mahogany

LFSYYQ Lyre Harp 19 Strings Wooden Mahogany Harp Nylon Strings L


LFSYYQ Lyre Harp 19 Strings Wooden Mahogany Harp Nylon Strings L

Product description

Harp is a stringed instrument, known for its compact size and lightweight performance during the Greek Classical period and beyond. The design of multiple high quality nylon strings can make a pleasant sound when played with fingers. When the string is pulled, the vibration will directly enter the bobbin, generating resonance and reflection, thereby obtaining a longer sustain effect and a more stable sound quality.

The harp 19 string sound is warm and pleasant. The edges of the harp strings are rounded, so it is safer and more comfortable to hold. The strings penetrate the barrel body, which is more durable and less likely to damage the body. Wood has a high hardness and density, enough to maintain color.

♪ Product parameters:
Product Name:19 Strings Lyre Harp
Material: Mahogany + Spruce
Specification: 19 strings
Applicable objects: children, adults, beginners, music lovers
Applicable scenes: band performance, Christmas,music parties, New Year, birthday gifts, friends gathering, leisure and entertainment

♪ Product Package List:
1 * Lyre Harp
1 * Lyre Harp Bag
1 * Tuning Wrench
1 * Users' Manual
1 *Spare string
1 * Lyre harp cloth
1 * Pick

♪ Note
1. Due to manual measurement, please allow deviation 1-30mm.
2. Due to the difference of light and screen, the color of the item may be slightly different from the picture.

LFSYYQ Lyre Harp 19 Strings Wooden Mahogany Harp Nylon Strings L

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