$851 Acme Furniture Astonic Accent Chair, Blue Leather Home Kitchen Furniture OFFer Acme Furniture Astonic Accent Chair Blue Leather Home Kitchen , Furniture,Blue,Chair,,Astonic,Acme,Leather,$851,Accent,Furniture,inovartebc.com.br,/forfairn6748773.html $851 Acme Furniture Astonic Accent Chair, Blue Leather Home Kitchen Furniture OFFer Acme Furniture Astonic Accent Chair Blue Leather Home Kitchen , Furniture,Blue,Chair,,Astonic,Acme,Leather,$851,Accent,Furniture,inovartebc.com.br,/forfairn6748773.html

OFFer Acme Trust Furniture Astonic Accent Chair Blue Leather

Acme Furniture Astonic Accent Chair, Blue Leather


Acme Furniture Astonic Accent Chair, Blue Leather

Product description

There is no better feeling than sitting on a plush chair after a long day at work. With the Astonic chair, you will surely unwind. It is upholstered in serene blue leather and features an overstuffed backrest cushion that will set the mood for relaxation. The inner wooden frame makes for a sturdy piece that will withstand family game nights for years to come. The metal chrome legs not only add stylistic appeal but provide unyielding support.

Acme Furniture Astonic Accent Chair, Blue Leather

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