$130 LWCYBH. Telescopic Portable Fishing Rod 3.8 4.5 5.2m Travel Ultr Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness LWCYBH. Telescopic Portable Fishing Minneapolis Mall Rod 5.2m Travel 4.5 3.8 Ultr Telescopic,LWCYBH.,$130,Portable,Ultr,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Rod,Travel,inovartebc.com.br,/forfairn6653173.html,4.5,5.2m,Fishing,3.8 $130 LWCYBH. Telescopic Portable Fishing Rod 3.8 4.5 5.2m Travel Ultr Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Telescopic,LWCYBH.,$130,Portable,Ultr,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Rod,Travel,inovartebc.com.br,/forfairn6653173.html,4.5,5.2m,Fishing,3.8 LWCYBH. Telescopic Portable Fishing Minneapolis Mall Rod 5.2m Travel 4.5 3.8 Ultr

LWCYBH. Telescopic Portable Fishing Minneapolis Mall Rod 5.2m Travel 4.5 3.8 Ultr A surprise price is realized

LWCYBH. Telescopic Portable Fishing Rod 3.8 4.5 5.2m Travel Ultr


LWCYBH. Telescopic Portable Fishing Rod 3.8 4.5 5.2m Travel Ultr

Product description


The Combination of Fishing Rod Reel And Essential Fishing Accessories Alaws You To Go To Your Favorite Fishing Locations and Enjoy Fishing Anytime, Anywhere.
WE ARE HOMEED TO PROVIDE YOU WITH WORRY-FREE SERVICE!If You Have Any Questions, please contact us First, and our Customer Service Will Solve It For You as Soon as possible.
Closed length 86CM
3K carbon fiber braided rod body
Aluminum alloy, black surface treatment
The diameter is changed from 1.4 to 1.9mm, the toughness is better
Add two movable guide plates, the line is more suitable for rods that are not easy to knot, and the wind resistance is increased
The shaft is woven by 3K carbon fiber, using two-pass OPP, the strength is enhanced, showing a unique pattern, and the surface is not painted
Package includes: 1 * fishing rod

LWCYBH. Telescopic Portable Fishing Rod 3.8 4.5 5.2m Travel Ultr

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