$41 H-ANT 20V 1500mAH Replacement Battery-Compatible for Worx WA3152 Health Household Household Supplies H-ANT 20V 1500mAH Replacement SEAL limited product Battery-Compatible Worx WA3152 for Worx,H-ANT,/forfairn6241473.html,for,inovartebc.com.br,WA3152,20V,Health Household , Household Supplies,Replacement,Battery-Compatible,$41,1500mAH H-ANT 20V 1500mAH Replacement SEAL limited product Battery-Compatible Worx WA3152 for $41 H-ANT 20V 1500mAH Replacement Battery-Compatible for Worx WA3152 Health Household Household Supplies Worx,H-ANT,/forfairn6241473.html,for,inovartebc.com.br,WA3152,20V,Health Household , Household Supplies,Replacement,Battery-Compatible,$41,1500mAH

H-ANT 20V 1500mAH Free Shipping Cheap Bargain Gift Replacement SEAL limited product Battery-Compatible Worx WA3152 for

H-ANT 20V 1500mAH Replacement Battery-Compatible for Worx WA3152


H-ANT 20V 1500mAH Replacement Battery-Compatible for Worx WA3152

Product description

Pattern Name:Wox 18B 1500mAh

Product description
Product name:Wox 18V

Battery Type:Wox Cordless Tool Battery Pack
Product color:Redamp;Black
Applicable tool model:WA3127 WG150 WG150s WG152 WG250 WG250s WG541 WG900 WG901 WG901.1 WG250.1

1.Please fully charge the battery before using this product.
2.Please complete 3 charge and discharge cycles before using this product.That is,fully charge it three times and then discharge it three times to complete the activation procedure.
3.If you have any questions,please contact customer service.We provide technical support."

H-ANT 20V 1500mAH Replacement Battery-Compatible for Worx WA3152

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