$119 CMT 380.100.11, 10 Right-Hand Router Bit for Domino Joining Mach Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools CMT 380.100.11 2021new shipping free shipping 10 Right-Hand Router Bit for Domino Joining Mach CMT 380.100.11 2021new shipping free shipping 10 Right-Hand Router Bit for Domino Joining Mach $119 CMT 380.100.11, 10 Right-Hand Router Bit for Domino Joining Mach Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Right-Hand,380.100.11,,CMT,inovartebc.com.br,/foreweigh6652860.html,$119,Mach,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,10,Joining,Domino,Bit,for,Router Right-Hand,380.100.11,,CMT,inovartebc.com.br,/foreweigh6652860.html,$119,Mach,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,10,Joining,Domino,Bit,for,Router

CMT 380.100.11 2021new shipping free 10 Right-Hand Router Bit for Domino Joining Las Vegas Mall Mach

CMT 380.100.11, 10 Right-Hand Router Bit for Domino Joining Mach


CMT 380.100.11, 10 Right-Hand Router Bit for Domino Joining Mach

Product description

10 Right-Hand Router Bit for Domino Joining Machines

Bit for Domino jointing machines by Festool. Entirely made of solid carbide to withstand heavy work loads, this bit delivers great performance. PTFE coating to protect your tool and prevent residue accumulation, as well as overheating. Use with Festool machines DF500.


  • 28mm (1-1/8-Inch) Cutting Length, 49mm (15/16-Inch) Overall Length.
  • Premium quality super-strength steel body and spiral portion with center point.
  • Black PTFE coating, 2 cutting edges, 2 spiral flutes.
  • Use on Domino machines for routing slots on solid wood and wood composites.
  • Festool machine DF500.

CMT 380.100.11, 10 Right-Hand Router Bit for Domino Joining Mach

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