Cutter,RoMech,Pro,Cooled,Rope,Fabric,K,$69,Electric,Arts, Crafts Sewing , Crafting,Air,,Cutter,–,Hot,/extraclassroom6653366.html RoMech Fabric Cutter Rope – Special price for a limited time Air Pro Electric K Cooled Hot $69 RoMech Fabric Cutter Rope Cutter – Air Cooled Pro Electric Hot K Arts, Crafts Sewing Crafting RoMech Fabric Cutter Rope – Special price for a limited time Air Pro Electric K Cooled Hot $69 RoMech Fabric Cutter Rope Cutter – Air Cooled Pro Electric Hot K Arts, Crafts Sewing Crafting Cutter,RoMech,Pro,Cooled,Rope,Fabric,K,$69,Electric,Arts, Crafts Sewing , Crafting,Air,,Cutter,–,Hot,/extraclassroom6653366.html

RoMech Fabric Cutter Rope – Special price for Sale special price a limited time Air Pro Electric K Cooled Hot

RoMech Fabric Cutter Rope Cutter – Air Cooled Pro Electric Hot K


RoMech Fabric Cutter Rope Cutter – Air Cooled Pro Electric Hot K

Product Description

Romech Hot Knife

The RoMech Hot Knife Kit comes with everything you need to get started, no previous experience is necessary.

  • The kit includes the 100W cutter, one “R” blade and one blade guide, cleaning brush and hex wrench.
  • Caution: Always remember this is a tool not a toy!
  • Cuts Most Types of Synthetic Fabric and Ropes The RoMech Fabric Hot Knife is the perfect tool for cutting synthetic fabrics, webbing, rope, sailcloth and many other materials that would ravel when cut with conventional scissors.
  • No-Mess Cutting Solution The RoMech Thermal Cutter cuts cleanly and smoothly. As the heat reacts with the fabric, it cuts without leaving the dust and debris common when using a conventional knife. With no dust or polystyrene filings left behind, cleaning up is easy. Designed for commercial and industrial use.
  • Like a hot knife through butter Reaching cutting temperature in as little as 10 seconds, the RoMech cutting system slides through hard foam with little resistance. It's easy to maneuver, making it possible to cut freehand shapes or to easily follow a guide. It's ideal for construction work, as it's easy to cut pieces to fit, whether you're trimming a tile or shaping an outlet point.
  • How to use the RoMech Thermal Cutter The cutter is designed for use on Synthetic Fabrics and Ropes, including: canvas, synthetic fabric, cloth, rope and cord. This is a hot knife system, with a blade that can be as hot as 932° F(500C). It's therefore critical that you read and fully understand the operating instructions before using the cutter.
200w romech hot knife romech 200w air cooled hot knife 100w arc 100w rope cutter romech 100w rope cutter ac 60w
RoMech 200W Foam Cutter RoMech 200W Air Cooled Foam Cutter RoMech 100W Rope/FabricCutter RoMech 100W Rope/Fabric Cutter RoMech 100W Air Cooled Rope/Fabric Cutter RoMech 60W Rope/Fabric Cutter
Model # RM-005 RM-009 RM-008 RM-014 RM-015 RM-017
Temperature Adjustment
Continuous Use 15s use/15s cool down 15s use/15s cool down 15s use/15s cool down 15s use/15s cool down
Blades in the Box 6'', 8'' 6'', 8'' 2'', Arc R type R type R type
Output Power 200W 200W 100W 100W 100W 60W
Romech blade blade
RoMech "R" Blade RoMech "R" Blade Kit
Compatible Model RM-014, RM-015, RM-017 RM-014, RM-015, RM-017
romech hot knife

RoMech Fabric Cutter Rope Cutter – Air Cooled Pro Electric Hot K

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