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Denpetec Bluetooth Body Fat Scale w Translated Weight Luxury Smart Bathroom

Denpetec Bluetooth Body Fat Scale, Smart Bathroom Weight Scale w


Denpetec Bluetooth Body Fat Scale, Smart Bathroom Weight Scale w

Product description

Color:Battery Charge

Data Recor ded: Each measurement will be recor ded, forming a curve data graph intuitive and vivid display in front of you
Lose Weight: Scientific diet, help you lose weight, how much to eat every day, how much to consume can give you professional guidance
Accurate: Accurate captur e, subtle sensing changes, sensitive mountain pressure sensor, high toughness manganese steel rebound material
LCD Display: With LCD display, you can easy read the numbers
Types: There are two power supply type, one is 2pcs AAA battery powered, the other is USB rechargeable

Types: A(battery), B(rechargeable)
Base material: ABS
Panel material: Toughened glass
Color: Black
Size(L x W): About 260 x 260mm/10.2 x 10.2inch
Thickness: About 23mm/0.9inch
Screen size: About 73 x 28mm/2.87 x 1.1inch
Display mode: LCD
Battery: 2pcs AAA battery(not included) /300mA rechargeable battery(built in)
Load bearing: 0.1kg-180kg
Graduation value: 10g

Package included:
Choice A:
1pc x Bluetooth Weight Scale
1pc x User Manual
Choice B:
1pc x Bluetooth Weight Scale
1pc x User Manual
1pc x USB Cable

Denpetec Bluetooth Body Fat Scale, Smart Bathroom Weight Scale w

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