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Kate Detroit Mall Spade Karalyn S Square Sunglasses FREE free Complime + for Women

Kate Spade Karalyn/S Square Sunglasses for Women + FREE Complime


Kate Spade Karalyn/S Square Sunglasses for Women + FREE Complime

Product description

Kate Spade adds modern design elements to a classic ’60s silhouette in these appealing Karalyn/S sunglasses. The oversized frames are crafted in durable, lightweight acetate that retains its luster for lasting beauty. The sturdy temples grow wider at the tips for added stability behind the ears. Designer embellishments include a metallic banded detail and signature Spade logo near the brow end, and the charming greeting “Hello Sunshine” on the inner temple. Enjoy the feminine style of these tasteful sunglasses from Kate Spade.

Kate Spade Karalyn/S Square Sunglasses for Women + FREE Complime

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