Mascot,Banana,Mat,Extra,$25,Waterproof,JRDD,,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Décor,Square,L,/eightyfold6749093.html,Washable,Picnic JRDD Banana Mascot Square [Alternative dealer] Picnic Washable Mat Extra L Waterproof JRDD Banana Mascot Square [Alternative dealer] Picnic Washable Mat Extra L Waterproof Mascot,Banana,Mat,Extra,$25,Waterproof,JRDD,,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Décor,Square,L,/eightyfold6749093.html,Washable,Picnic $25 JRDD Banana Mascot Square Picnic Mat Waterproof Washable Extra L Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Décor $25 JRDD Banana Mascot Square Picnic Mat Waterproof Washable Extra L Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Décor

JRDD Wholesale Banana Mascot Square Alternative dealer Picnic Washable Mat Extra L Waterproof

JRDD Banana Mascot Square Picnic Mat Waterproof Washable Extra L


JRDD Banana Mascot Square Picnic Mat Waterproof Washable Extra L

Product description

Size And Material:
JRDD picnic mats are available in two sizes.
JRDD unfolded size of square picnic mat is 57x59in, can satisfy most family picnics and outdoor gatherings of friends.
The folded size of square picnic mat is 12x8x3.5 in, this size allows you to easily take the picnic mat to your destination.
The JRDD picnic blanket is made of fine vermilion canvas + braided belt + velvet cloth + aluminum foil.
It uses thermal dye sublimation technology to effectively prevent the picnic mat from fading.
JRDD picnic blanket not only lightweight, waterproof and non-slip, and can be used in all seasons.

Multifunction And Cleaning:
Our outdoor picnic mats are very beautiful, and the pictures are all selected and very fashionable.
When having a picnic, you will definitely impress family and friends..
JRDD picnic mats are very suitable for picnics, camping, hiking, beach vacations, sporting events, backyard play, parties, outdoor concerts, hunting and some outdoor hanging out situations.
In addition to picnics, our square picnic mats can also be used as yoga mats, baby mats and more.
Our picnic blankets is durable and waterproof, very easy to clean, just wipe with soap and water.

Caring service:
Due to different lighting effects , the actual colors may differ slightly from the photos, please forgive me .
If any quality problem or dissatisfied, please contact us.
Will contact and solve your problem in the shortest time.

JRDD Banana Mascot Square Picnic Mat Waterproof Washable Extra L

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