$323 LP-LLL Tobacco Pipe - Classic Curved Tobacco Pipe,Detachable Fil Health Household Household Supplies -,LP-LLL,Classic,Curved,Fil,Tobacco,Tobacco,/eightyfold6241893.html,Pipe,Health Household , Household Supplies,$323,inovartebc.com.br,Pipe,Detachable -,LP-LLL,Classic,Curved,Fil,Tobacco,Tobacco,/eightyfold6241893.html,Pipe,Health Household , Household Supplies,$323,inovartebc.com.br,Pipe,Detachable LP-LLL Tobacco Pipe - Omaha Mall Detachable Fil Curved Classic $323 LP-LLL Tobacco Pipe - Classic Curved Tobacco Pipe,Detachable Fil Health Household Household Supplies LP-LLL Tobacco Pipe - Omaha Mall Detachable Fil Curved Classic

LP-LLL Tobacco Pipe - Omaha Mall Detachable Fil Curved Financial sales sale Classic

LP-LLL Tobacco Pipe - Classic Curved Tobacco Pipe,Detachable Fil


LP-LLL Tobacco Pipe - Classic Curved Tobacco Pipe,Detachable Fil

Product description

✦Product parameters

Bucket type: 920

Bucket length: 147mm

Bucket height: 50mm

Bucket diameter: 22mm

Bucket weight: 45g

Warm reminder: The value of the marked parameter is about (±10%) error due to manual measurement, and there are individual differences in manual products.


✦1:More than 10 cigarettes generally have to be clean.

✦2:If you smoke for more than 10 cigarettes, it’s easy to make the tar caked in there.

✦3:Please clean when you smoke for a long time.In that case it is better to wash it in alcohol leaching.

✦Suitable for someone:young man, elderly men,middle-aged men.

✦The scene of suitable for the scenario with a gift:etiquette to visit,thanksgiving feedback,business gifts,birthday gift.

LP-LLL Tobacco Pipe - Classic Curved Tobacco Pipe,Detachable Fil

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