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Dazzlingrock 5% OFF Collection Ladies 3 Lowest price challenge Stone Hoop Earrings Av Huggies

Dazzlingrock Collection Ladies 3 Stone Huggies Hoop Earrings, Av


Dazzlingrock Collection Ladies 3 Stone Huggies Hoop Earrings, Av

Product Description

Jewelry Care Tips
earrings Dangler J Shaped Solitaire Long Drops
Diamond Ladies Horseshoe Stud Earrings 1/10 CT Diamond Ladies Earrings, White Gold Diamond Ladies J Shaped Hoop Earrings, White Gold 1Diamond Ladies Curved Bar Ear Climber Earrings Kite Shape Dangling Drop Earrings
Metal stamp 14k 10k 18k 14k 14k
Metal Rose gold White gold White gold White gold White gold
Gem type White diamond White diamond Blue sapphire White diamond White diamond
Diamond setting Prong Prong Prong Prong Prong
Back finding Screw-back Screw-back Push-back Screw-back French-wire
Stone shape Round Round Round Round Round

Dazzlingrock Collection Ladies 3 Stone Huggies Hoop Earrings, Av

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