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Haieshop Camouflage Net Camo Tactical Camouflag Clearance SALE Limited time Netting Mesh Max 74% OFF

Haieshop Camouflage Net Camo Netting Tactical Mesh Net Camouflag


Haieshop Camouflage Net Camo Netting Tactical Mesh Net Camouflag

Product description

We love and use camouflage nets. It can create a natural environment and create a more harmonious and harmonious look around something. You can also create a children's study in the garden, a study in the children's bedroom, or decorate a children's playground. Camouflage nets can also be used to beautify the exterior of garden walls and decorate monotonous fences and exterior walls that appear to be soft.
1. Lightweight and quick drying.
2. Waterproof and bend resistant.
3. Ideal for sunshade, birding camouflage.
4. Available for decoration, theme activities, photography, hunting, tree Houses, etc.

Material: Oxford fabric + Nylon rope net
Color: A style ocean, B style forest, C style desert, D style Digital.

1. Mountain and green cover, cover garbage.
2. Car parks and other public places shade landscaping.
3. For bird-watching enthusiasts
4. Decorative landscaping (theme parks, exhibitions, film base)

Haieshop Camouflage Net Camo Netting Tactical Mesh Net Camouflag

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Advice for carers and support workers
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