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GJYY Intelligent Remote OFFicial Control Sweeping Vacuum Robot Limited price A Cleaner

GJYY Intelligent Remote Control Sweeping Robot Vacuum Cleaner, A


GJYY Intelligent Remote Control Sweeping Robot Vacuum Cleaner, A

Product description

Make your daily cleaning more intelligent
Use robotic vacuum cleaner to efficiently clean your house, powerful 1700PA suction can absorb almost all dirt, dust, hair, pet fur and debris, which make up an impeccable cleaning home. Advanced features have 4 selective cleaning modes for various dirty stains. The upgraded motion sensor can help robots vacuum dust cleaning around the furniture and the obstacles on the floor to achieve more thorough cleaning work, double sides Brush can pick up all things and corners such as small particles, crumbs and walls. Just press to automatically clean or use the remote control to arrange the R300 vacuum cleaner. Enjoy a lot of people every day!

Important: Before using or charging,
Make sure the power switch is turned on.
Place the charging base in an open, tidy place, close to the wall.
Place the charging base on the flat position on the hard floor to maintain stability.
It is recommended to use a medium-walled carpet for 15 mm or less.

You will get:
Robot vacuum cleaner (including trash can) x1
Upgrade side brush x4
Ultra high efficiency filter X1
Flat cleaning tool x1
Remote control (including 2AAA battery) x1
Charging base x1
AC power adapter X1
User Manual x1

GJYY Intelligent Remote Control Sweeping Robot Vacuum Cleaner, A

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Advice for carers and support workers
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