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HUOQILIN Free Hand Rotation Mop Universal Wet and Dry Mopping Th


HUOQILIN Free Hand Rotation Mop Universal Wet and Dry Mopping Th

Product description


The mop handle can easily adjust the length of the mop through a simple twist and lock system. Just place the microfiber mop head on the support point of the rotating system and push it down.
The rotary cleaning system can quickly remove water and dirt from the microfiber mop head, and it is easy to clean hidden places, such as floor corners and bed bottoms.
Name: rotating mop-free hand wash
Material: Stainless native PP
Mop Material: microfiber
Pole Material: Stainless steel
Mop head Number: 3
Water absorption: 10s or less
Drive Type: dual drive
Easy to store, can save your family space. After using the mop head, please put it in a cool, dry and ventilated place to extend its service life.

HUOQILIN Free Hand Rotation Mop Universal Wet and Dry Mopping Th

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