Panels,$133,/curiosity6241575.html,Ed,Acoustic,AEBDF,,Padding,Soundproofing,Studio,12pcs,Foam,Musical Instruments , Studio Recording Equipment Max 89% OFF AEBDF 12pcs Acoustic Panels Soundproofing Studio Foam Padding Ed Max 89% OFF AEBDF 12pcs Acoustic Panels Soundproofing Studio Foam Padding Ed $133 AEBDF 12pcs Acoustic Panels Soundproofing Studio Foam Padding Ed Musical Instruments Studio Recording Equipment $133 AEBDF 12pcs Acoustic Panels Soundproofing Studio Foam Padding Ed Musical Instruments Studio Recording Equipment Panels,$133,/curiosity6241575.html,Ed,Acoustic,AEBDF,,Padding,Soundproofing,Studio,12pcs,Foam,Musical Instruments , Studio Recording Equipment

Max 89% OFF AEBDF 12pcs Acoustic Panels Soundproofing Tucson Mall Studio Foam Padding Ed

AEBDF 12pcs Acoustic Panels Soundproofing Studio Foam Padding Ed


AEBDF 12pcs Acoustic Panels Soundproofing Studio Foam Padding Ed

Product description

Soft sponge, dust-free, high density.
Sound-absorbing sponge has beautiful appearance and good acoustic performance.
Ideal for controlling sound reflections in small rooms.
By effectively controlling harmful reverberation and echo, you can get a more pleasant sound.
Suitable for recording studios, control rooms, offices, vocal rooms, etc.
Home noise control (walls, pipes, ceilings, etc.)
Entertainment noise control (KTV room, wall, ceiling, floor, etc.)
Noise control in the workplace (light walls, partitions, meeting rooms, etc.)
Colour:fruit green
Size:30cm x 30cm x 9mm
Packing: 12 * sound-absorbing board
Please understand that due to differences in lighting or computer monitors, I cannot guarantee that the photos and actual colors are 100% the same.
Due to different measurement methods, there may be a deviation of 1-2cm.
use: Home pendants

AEBDF 12pcs Acoustic Panels Soundproofing Studio Foam Padding Ed

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