Amplifier,AEPELPHONE,PA,Voice,,Compact,FC460,$127,Syste,Musical Instruments , Microphones Accessories,/crouched6653090.html,[32W],Portable AEPELPHONE FC460 Portable New product! New type Voice Amplifier PA Compact 32W Syste $127 AEPELPHONE FC460 Portable Voice Amplifier [32W] Compact PA Syste Musical Instruments Microphones Accessories Amplifier,AEPELPHONE,PA,Voice,,Compact,FC460,$127,Syste,Musical Instruments , Microphones Accessories,/crouched6653090.html,[32W],Portable $127 AEPELPHONE FC460 Portable Voice Amplifier [32W] Compact PA Syste Musical Instruments Microphones Accessories AEPELPHONE FC460 Portable New product! New type Voice Amplifier PA Compact 32W Syste

AEPELPHONE FC460 Portable New product type Voice Amplifier PA Compact 32W Genuine Free Shipping Syste

AEPELPHONE FC460 Portable Voice Amplifier [32W] Compact PA Syste


AEPELPHONE FC460 Portable Voice Amplifier [32W] Compact PA Syste

Product description

More clear, More powerful
and 32W high-output transmit user’s voice to reach farther in all direction clearly and loudly
without noise or distortion.

Easy to carry
light (0.62 lb) and compact size (3.54 x 5.11 x 1.18 inches) PA system, FC-460 included a leather case with
adjustable strap can relieve you from weight burden. So, you can speech comfortably and conveniently.

Support 3.5 AUX Input
By connecting with other external devices, it can be used as a portable wired speaker. Since MIC and AUX can be used
at the same time, you can play a background music when you are giving speech or use it as a mini karaoke system too.

High Performance Voice Amplifier
- Durable design
- DIFFUSER-HORN technology
- Howling noise cancellation technology
- High quality Microphones
- Adjustable volume to 10 levels

20 Hours Run-Time on One Charge amp; Battery Level Display
Red turns green when portable voice amplifier is fully charged amp; ready to use, runs for Max.20 hours
before next recharge. Only needs 3-4 hours to fully charge it. You can check the battery level on LCD.

* Batter is designed as a built-in. Please don’t separate it arbitrarily.

What You Get
1 * Main Body
1 * Wired Headset Mic.
1 * Shoulder Strap
1 * AUX Connection Hack
1 * Charger
2 * Extra Cover for Mic.
1 * User Manual

1. Output Power : 32W
2. Speaker Impedance : 4 ohm
3. Charging Voltage : DC 9V, 700mA
4. Battery Capacity : 2000mAh
5. Working time : Max. 20 hours
6. Charging time : 3-4 hours
7. Product size : 3.54 x 5.11 x 1.18 inches
8. Unit weight: 0.62 lb (280g)
9. Working temperature: -20℃~45℃
10. Frequency response: 50Hz~17kHz
11. Microphone Input Sensitivity : 28mV
12. Line Input Sensitivity : 100mV

AEPELPHONE FC460 Portable Voice Amplifier [32W] Compact PA Syste

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