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OFFer Neck Support Stretcher Massager Traction A for Al sold out. Spine Device

Neck Support Stretcher Massager Neck Traction Device for Spine A


Neck Support Stretcher Massager Neck Traction Device for Spine A

Product description

1. Breathable, skin‑friendly, safe and stable, H‑shaped air column, ergonomic, soft and comfortable.
2. Separate design, easy to take off and clean.
3. High adhesive hook and loop stickers, easy to wear, strong adhesion.
4. Adjustable sliding buckle, strong and durable, can be adjusted according to neck and length.
5. Good cold‑formed shape to avoid accidental accidents.


Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Neck Traction Device
Material: Nylon + Polymer
Application: Used for fixing or supporting bones during fracture fixation
Applicable Symptoms: Prevention of cervical spine trauma, fixation before and after cervical spine surgery, cervical degenerative disease, cervical spinal stenosis, cervical spondylolisthesis
Performance Structure and Composition: Comfortable to wear and has a good function of restricting flexion and extension, lateral flexion, rotation and other diseased areas, can be worn for various scanning tests. cervical fixator is composed of front piece, back piece and buckle.
Wearing method:
1. According to shape and size of patient’s neck, select appropriate specifications
2. Open package, take out cervical fixator, and distinguish front and back pcs

Neck Support Stretcher Massager Neck Traction Device for Spine A

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