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YAYONG Sweet Cat Night Superior Light Creative Solid Table Lamps LED Regular dealer Wood

YAYONG Sweet Cat Night Light Creative Solid Wood Table Lamps LED


YAYONG Sweet Cat Night Light Creative Solid Wood Table Lamps LED

Product description


night light child LED night lamp night light touch lamp children's room with touch switch for baby room, bedroom, living room, camping, picnic warm white light

Creative design LED night light, soft light, accompany children to peaceful sleep, environmentally friendly materials, not only a night light, but also a cute and interesting toy.

Product name: LED night light.
Material: ABS, wood, long shear.
Light source: LED
Power: 1.2 W.
Voltage: 5 V DC.
Dimensions: 145*138*136 (mm)
Switch type: touch
Power supply: USB power cable.
Battery capacity: 1200mA
Lifespan: 8 - 22 hours.

Package Included:
1 x night light.
1 x USB cable.

1. The brightness of the light bulb is very subjective and usually depends on the brightness of the light source. Due to the difference between cellphones, tablets and computer monitors, there might be slight color difference, which is not a quality problem.
2. The product size is measured manually, there may be a slight difference, please refer to the actual product.
3. The decoration around the product in the picture is only for better display effect, not in our sales area.

YAYONG Sweet Cat Night Light Creative Solid Wood Table Lamps LED

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