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JUANJUAN Overlap High OFFicial mail order Shading Roll Window Blinds Up Curtain Shipping included Room

JUANJUAN Overlap High Shading Roll Up Blinds Curtain Window Room


JUANJUAN Overlap High Shading Roll Up Blinds Curtain Window Room

Product description


JUANJUAN The company mainly deals in bamboo blinds, blinds, roller blinds, etc. We attach importance to the workmanship and details of the products, and have strict requirements on product production. We focus on quality and service. After years of hard work, our company’s expertise is enjoyed by our peers and customers A good reputation guarantees you a different shopping experience
✿This year's trend: Bamboo blinds by QIANDA! Decorate your interior in a contemporary and natural look.

✿Product Description
- Package contents: 1 × bamboo roller blinds (Including: Venetian blind, rail, mounting accessories)
- Size: Above display size (can be customized)
- Size Specification :Width * Height (1 inch=2.54cm)
- Weight: 1.7 kg/m²
- Working principle: Drawstring system
- Drawstring material: polyester
- Minimum window depth: 5cm
- Product number: Curtain - 09-05-07
- Suitable for: Home, partition, tea house, restaurant, private club, studio, balcony, long pavilion

-Can be inside or outside mount of your window frame
-Effectively control sun light and wind in your room
-Pull the blinds up or drop them down with one cord.
-The structure of the bamboo roller blind stays unaltered for many years.
-The bamboo canes are evenly corded with fine but robust threads.
-The bamboo roller blind is extremely easy to control thanks to the well-conceived mechanism.

JUANJUAN Overlap High Shading Roll Up Blinds Curtain Window Room

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