Vivid,/compendium6653309.html,Filament,Toothbrushes,,Sof,OraBrush,–,Nylon,Beauty Personal Care , Oral Care,Quality,$28,Premium Vivid Raleigh Mall OraBrush Premium Quality Nylon Sof Filament – Toothbrushes $28 Vivid OraBrush Premium Quality Nylon Filament Toothbrushes – Sof Beauty Personal Care Oral Care Vivid,/compendium6653309.html,Filament,Toothbrushes,,Sof,OraBrush,–,Nylon,Beauty Personal Care , Oral Care,Quality,$28,Premium $28 Vivid OraBrush Premium Quality Nylon Filament Toothbrushes – Sof Beauty Personal Care Oral Care Vivid Raleigh Mall OraBrush Premium Quality Nylon Sof Filament – Toothbrushes

Vivid Raleigh Mall OraBrush Premium Quality Nylon Sof Detroit Mall Filament – Toothbrushes

Vivid OraBrush Premium Quality Nylon Filament Toothbrushes – Sof


Vivid OraBrush Premium Quality Nylon Filament Toothbrushes – Sof

Product Description

Vivid OraBrush ClassicKleen Premium Quality Nylon Filament Toothbrush, Pack of 72

Make brushing a breeze when equipped with these Vivid OraBrush Classic Kleen nylon filament toothbrushes. The soft wave bristles allow for deep cleaning, yet offer a gentle touch for sensitive teeth and gums.

This bulk set of 72 premium quality toothbrushes give you the tools you need to pack patient giveaway bags in your dental or orthodontic practice. Distribute these high-quality toothbrushes with a comfort grip after each patient appointment or at parades and community events.

Give your patients the resources they need to keep their teeth free from food particles, dirt and debris. These nylon filament toothbrushes feature soft bristles with deep cleaning capabilities for daily use while at home or while traveling.

Vivid OraBrush Premium Quality Nylon Filament Toothbrushes – Sof

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