$52 Custom Aquarian 20" Bass Kick Drum Head Front Drumskin Colorful Instrument Accessories Drum Percussion Accessories Kick,20",Colorful,Drum,/compendium6652609.html,Aquarian,Bass,inovartebc.com.br,Drumskin,Custom,$52,Front,Head,Instrument Accessories , Drum Percussion Accessories Kick,20",Colorful,Drum,/compendium6652609.html,Aquarian,Bass,inovartebc.com.br,Drumskin,Custom,$52,Front,Head,Instrument Accessories , Drum Percussion Accessories Custom Aquarian 20" Bass Long Beach Mall Kick Drumskin Drum Head Colorful Front $52 Custom Aquarian 20" Bass Kick Drum Head Front Drumskin Colorful Instrument Accessories Drum Percussion Accessories Custom Aquarian 20" Bass Long Beach Mall Kick Drumskin Drum Head Colorful Front

Custom Aquarian 20

Custom Aquarian 20" Bass Kick Drum Head Front Drumskin Colorful


Custom Aquarian 20" Bass Kick Drum Head Front Drumskin Colorful

Product description

Fabulous custom Drum Head by Greasy Groove Inc.  The graphic is applied using superior quality inks and media to provide great tonal projection and resonant properties.  Enhance your identity or your bands look with this high impact eye candy for your Kick Drum.  We use “Aquarian 20" drum heads” and graphical enrichment is applied by Greasy Groove Inc.  The graphical image has a semi-gloss appearance so that light reflection (ie, stage lighting) is kept to a minimum.  Your drum head can be installed and tuned just the same as a regular drum head.  Durability is the same as for a regular drum head skin and will hold up extremely well with normal use and wear and tear. We can custom make these heads with any image of your choice -please send us a custom request if interested

Custom Aquarian 20" Bass Kick Drum Head Front Drumskin Colorful

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