Marimbas,Creative,Benson,$42,/compendium6241809.html,Musical Instruments , Keyboards MIDI,Portable,Microscopic,Thumb,,17-Key,Piano Benson Creative Microscopic Thumb 17-Key Portable Marimbas Piano Ranking TOP1 $42 Benson Creative Microscopic Thumb Piano 17-Key Marimbas Portable Musical Instruments Keyboards MIDI $42 Benson Creative Microscopic Thumb Piano 17-Key Marimbas Portable Musical Instruments Keyboards MIDI Benson Creative Microscopic Thumb 17-Key Portable Marimbas Piano Ranking TOP1 Marimbas,Creative,Benson,$42,/compendium6241809.html,Musical Instruments , Keyboards MIDI,Portable,Microscopic,Thumb,,17-Key,Piano

Benson Creative Microscopic Thumb 17-Key Luxury goods Portable Marimbas Piano Ranking TOP1

Benson Creative Microscopic Thumb Piano 17-Key Marimbas Portable


Benson Creative Microscopic Thumb Piano 17-Key Marimbas Portable

Product description


How to play Kalimba?
Hold the Kalimba with both hands and press the keys on the thumbnail. Playing the thumb piano at the right intensity and angle will make the sound sound clearer.
When you are familiar with the position of the Kalimba keys, you can use certain playback techniques to play some complex but more beautiful songs, such as playing double or slide accompaniment of different keys at the same time to make the sound
Made of acrylic, this professional Kalimba instrument has a beautiful shape, clear sound quality and long lasting pleasant sound.
Selected ore steel reinforcement, high toughness and strength provide smooth movement. The keys are printed with letters and sticky notes, easy to learn and play

Product Name: Microscopic view carlimba
Product color: 5 styles
Number of keys: 17 keys
Product material: Mahogany
Product size: 17X12.5X2.5CM (6.7 inches x 4.9 inches x 0.98 inches)
Packing list.
1 *kalimba
1 *Cloth bag
1 *Tuning hammer
1 *User's manual (English version)
1 *Piano cleaning cloth
1 *Note sticker
1 *Protective finger cover

We are pleased to provide excellent service to our customers. We have professional after-sales service team in USA and Europe. If you have any questions, please contact us by email, we will reply and help you solve the problem within 24 hours.

Benson Creative Microscopic Thumb Piano 17-Key Marimbas Portable

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