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Professional tattoo machine Alloy Motor Rotary Eyebrow Cartridge


Professional tattoo machine Alloy Motor Rotary Eyebrow Cartridge

Product description

Color:Foot pedal

-Operating Voltage: 7–12V DC.This Hybrid Tattoo Pen can be compatible with  Hawk power supply and all other brands tattoo power supplies,you will get an plug adapter to work with all those power supplies.

-Rpm range Stitches/Sec:8V-8000rpm,min 8-800/sec

-Stroke: 3 mm

-Needle Protrusion: 0 - 3.

5 mm

-Connection: DC 5.5 Jack plug cable,free plug adapter to fit all brands power supplies.

-Package including: 1 Hybrid Tattoo Pen,DC 5.5 Jack plug cable,1 Jack plug adaptor,1 needle cartridge.

Please Noted:

►This pen should connect with your own power supply/box to use, it can't work with adapter directly

►Please keep the pen working under 12V to protect the rotary system and the motor.

►Exceed Mini quantity 10pcs pen, you can put on your own logo smiley

If you need Hawk Cartridge Needles , pls clik the picture to buy

Professional tattoo machine Alloy Motor Rotary Eyebrow Cartridge

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With CMI as your lifelong career partner, you will always have access to support, guidance and development opportunities to help you achieve your professional goals, and achieve the ultimate management accolade, Chartered Manager status.

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