Hair,/cockneyship6748847.html,Your,Fan,Not,,Does,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Upgraded,The,$37,New,Sports,Fan,Wind,Personal $37 The New Upgraded Sports Fan Does Not Wind Your Hair Personal Fan Electronics Computers Accessories Hair,/cockneyship6748847.html,Your,Fan,Not,,Does,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Upgraded,The,$37,New,Sports,Fan,Wind,Personal San Francisco Mall The New Upgraded Sports Fan Does Hair Your Wind Not Personal $37 The New Upgraded Sports Fan Does Not Wind Your Hair Personal Fan Electronics Computers Accessories San Francisco Mall The New Upgraded Sports Fan Does Hair Your Wind Not Personal

2021 spring and summer new San Francisco Mall The New Upgraded Sports Fan Does Hair Your Wind Not Personal

The New Upgraded Sports Fan Does Not Wind Your Hair Personal Fan


The New Upgraded Sports Fan Does Not Wind Your Hair Personal Fan

Product description


Product size: 31x19cm/12.2x7.5in
Gear position: three gears
Product weight: 280g
Motor power: 1.5-4W
Power specification: DC5V-1A
Charging port: Micro
Charging time: 3H
Battery life: 2H- -6H
Color box size: 21x17.5x3.7cm/8.2x6.8x1.4in

The New Upgraded Sports Fan Does Not Wind Your Hair Personal Fan

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