$100 Samanthaa Convenient Storage Seven Drawers MDF with PVC White Wo Home Kitchen Furniture Convenient,Seven,Samanthaa,Storage,Home Kitchen , Furniture,/cockneyship6438647.html,PVC,$100,Wo,with,MDF,Drawers,White,inovartebc.com.br Samanthaa Convenient Austin Mall Storage Seven Drawers with PVC MDF Wo White Convenient,Seven,Samanthaa,Storage,Home Kitchen , Furniture,/cockneyship6438647.html,PVC,$100,Wo,with,MDF,Drawers,White,inovartebc.com.br $100 Samanthaa Convenient Storage Seven Drawers MDF with PVC White Wo Home Kitchen Furniture Samanthaa Convenient Austin Mall Storage Seven Drawers with PVC MDF Wo White

Samanthaa Convenient Austin Mall Storage Seven Drawers Colorado Springs Mall with PVC MDF Wo White

Samanthaa Convenient Storage Seven Drawers MDF with PVC White Wo


Samanthaa Convenient Storage Seven Drawers MDF with PVC White Wo

Product description

This 7-Drawer Black Cart feature sliding drawers for easily accessible storage in your home office, kitchen or craft room. Optional locking casters to use them with or without casters for stationary or mobility storage.
1. Color: White
2. Material: MDF
3. Assembly Required: Yes
4. Product Size: (19.29 x 15.75 x 35.43)" / (49 x 40 x 90)cm (L x W x H)
1.When receiving the goods, please confirm the product according to the listing of instructions. Once you find Less pieces, please provide relevant pictures to contact us. We will deal it in the time.
2.Please install goods with the instruction manual.
3.It is recommended that the installation should not be too tight to adjust easily. After the structure is installed, firm the interface for more stability.
Package Includes:
1 x Cabinet

Samanthaa Convenient Storage Seven Drawers MDF with PVC White Wo

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