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Bonamaison with Handles, Multicolor


Bonamaison with Handles, Multicolor

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A Sustainable Choice Is it too much to ask for a shopping bag that doesn’t kill the planet? We say no way! Using cotton based bags instead of plastic is a much more sustainable choice, made from a renewable crop. Plastic Bags Are A Thing Of The Past Since the introduction of plastic bag levies around the world, plastic bag use has fallen sharply and the global population embraced a new way of thinking, and a new attitude towards plastic waste. Supermarkets no longer hand out cruddy plastic bags willy-nilly and the population understands environmental challenges we face and what we need to do to solve them. Reusable A plastic bag will fail you after a few uses, and most likely it will be thrown away and sent to a landfill where it will pollute the earth for years after. Doesn’t seem worth it does it? That’s where a tote bag comes in. A cotton tote will be your faithful assistant for years and will not fall apart week one. Ease Of Use Whether you use a tote bag as a go-to carrier, or if it’s a backup to a larger bag, the usability of the cotton tote is second to none. Using it as a primary bag can carry everything you will need for a single day out, and will fit in a pocket if no longer needed. If you’re like myself you have a tote bag ready to go in a backpack at any time, allowing you to double your capacity in a pinch. Express Yourself Expressing yourself through an accessory like a tote bag is a great conversation starter, and a fashionable item that is practical for every day use. Durability We’ve all been in that situation where we’re carrying 4 plastic bags full of shopping when a sharp item pierces the bag, causing your weekly shop to hit the pavement. Fortunately those days are gone as the demise of the plastic bag means consumers are switching to more eco-friendly options. Unlike plastic bags, cotton based bags will not split and rip and will serve you faithfully week after week. Keeping one in a handbag, backpack or in the boot of your car is no problem, and the positive shift in people’s perception towards single-use plastic waste has seen a mini revolution in the supermarkets. We think buying a single tote bag and using it for a couple of months will easily be cheaper than handing over 10p’s every time you go shopping. Retailers and individuals will sell a tote bag for as low as a few pounds and buying your own tote bag will be more cost effective in the long run.

Bonamaison with Handles, Multicolor

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