Cast Iron Multifunction Creativity Egg Rack Holder Stand Dealing full price reduction Basket Cast Iron Multifunction Creativity Egg Rack Holder Stand Dealing full price reduction Basket $35 Cast Iron Multifunction Creativity Egg Rack Holder Stand Basket Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Iron,$35,Creativity,Multifunction,Rack,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/cockneyship6438247.html,Basket,Holder,Egg,Cast,Stand Iron,$35,Creativity,Multifunction,Rack,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/cockneyship6438247.html,Basket,Holder,Egg,Cast,Stand $35 Cast Iron Multifunction Creativity Egg Rack Holder Stand Basket Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Cast Iron Multifunction Creativity Egg Rack Our shop OFFers the best service Holder Stand Dealing full price reduction Basket

Cast Iron Multifunction Creativity Egg Rack Holder Stand Basket


Cast Iron Multifunction Creativity Egg Rack Holder Stand Basket

Product description

Size:1 layer

Product name: Egg rack
Product material: cast iron
Product size: 1 Layer: 18.5cm/7.3in*12cm/4.7in*16.5cm*6.5in; 2 Layers: 19cm/7.5in*13.5cm/5.3in*23.5cm/9.3in

We either serve eggs as a whole meal, or as part of breakfast, or even add them to pastries. Our product can keep the eggs at the same temperature level to ensure freshness and shelf life.

At the same time, its unique shape can also be used as an ornament, allowing us to enjoy a different kind of fun in the cooking process.

Cast Iron Multifunction Creativity Egg Rack Holder Stand Basket

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