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GLOGLOW Max 49% OFF Hot Foil Stamping Machine Boston Mall Sta

GLOGLOW Hot Foil Stamping Machine, Hot Foil Stamping Machine Sta


GLOGLOW Hot Foil Stamping Machine, Hot Foil Stamping Machine Sta

Product description

Color:Us Plug

Model: WT-90DS-M
Material: Metal
Weight: 5300g/187oz
Power: 300W
Temperature: 0-350
Stamping Area Size: 8*10cm/3.1*3.9inch

Package List:
1 x Hot Stamping Machine
1 x Wrench
1 x Hex Wrench
1 x Temperature Probe
1 x High Temperature Glue
1 x Switch
2 x Hot Gold Foil

GLOGLOW Hot Foil Stamping Machine, Hot Foil Stamping Machine Sta

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