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TocaHome Plush Fuzzy Fleece Lightweight Throw Blanket Watercolor


TocaHome Plush Fuzzy Fleece Lightweight Throw Blanket Watercolor

Product description


Blankets are luxurious on any bed all year round.And it is a super soft material ,The throw can make you feel cozy during nap time and it would be a great choice
when you want to watch TV or surf online, or in your car for perfectly portable comfort. It makes a great gift for your friends and family. Even pets love it!

Style Design

Double-side (reversible) design offers you different soft with one side of smooth and fuzzy to the other.

Flannel Fleece Blanket brings extra warmth and comfort for an afternoon nap in bed or couch, perfect for indoor and outdoor use to provide constant warmth in chilly weather.

Ensure ultimate fluffy softness with our flannel fleece blanket throw all year round, whether it’s in summer or winter.

Flannel Fleece Blanket provides similar softness and warmth for those who are sensitive to natural fibers.

What else can you get?

100% satisfaction guaranteed, great customer service provided. Free replacement or refund promised if there is any quality issue.

TocaHome Plush Fuzzy Fleece Lightweight Throw Blanket Watercolor

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