Bath Year-end gift Wrap for Women Rainbow Heart of Women's Towel Set Spa $24 Bath Wrap for Women Rainbow Heart Women's Spa Towel Wrap Set of Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Wrap,Rainbow,Women,Towel,Spa,,Wrap,Women's,/brauna6241877.html,for,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,$24,Heart,Bath,Set,of Bath Year-end gift Wrap for Women Rainbow Heart of Women's Towel Set Spa Wrap,Rainbow,Women,Towel,Spa,,Wrap,Women's,/brauna6241877.html,for,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,$24,Heart,Bath,Set,of $24 Bath Wrap for Women Rainbow Heart Women's Spa Towel Wrap Set of Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

Branded goods Bath Year-end gift Wrap for Women Rainbow Heart of Women's Towel Set Spa

Bath Wrap for Women Rainbow Heart Women's Spa Towel Wrap Set of


Bath Wrap for Women Rainbow Heart Women's Spa Towel Wrap Set of

Product description

ALAZA Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Sexy Spa Shower Soft Fleece Terry Bathrobe Bath Towel amp; Dry Hair Towels Set Tube Dress Robe Nightgown Sleepwear Shower Hair Drying Turban Cap Hat for Women Girls

Set Includes:

  • 1 Women Bath Towel Wrap: 31.5" x 60" (80*150CM)
  • 1 Hair Drying Hat: 9.8" x 25.6" (25*65CM)
  • 1 Headband: 5.9" x 8.7" (15*22CM)

Material: 100% super soft microfiber


  • Elasticity Design: Adopts double adjustment of Velcro and four-eye buckle to meet the needs of different figures

    Bath Wrap for Women Rainbow Heart Women's Spa Towel Wrap Set of

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