$287 digital caliper HRC45/55/65 Tungsten Steel End Mills 2/4 Flute C Industrial Scientific Test, Measure Inspect digital caliper HRC45 55 65 Tungsten Steel 2 low-pricing Flute C Mills 4 End $287 digital caliper HRC45/55/65 Tungsten Steel End Mills 2/4 Flute C Industrial Scientific Test, Measure Inspect Tungsten,C,End,$287,Flute,Mills,HRC45/55/65,2/4,digital,inovartebc.com.br,caliper,Steel,Industrial Scientific , Test, Measure Inspect,/betrumpet6438822.html digital caliper HRC45 55 65 Tungsten Steel 2 low-pricing Flute C Mills 4 End Tungsten,C,End,$287,Flute,Mills,HRC45/55/65,2/4,digital,inovartebc.com.br,caliper,Steel,Industrial Scientific , Test, Measure Inspect,/betrumpet6438822.html

digital caliper HRC45 Omaha Mall 55 65 Tungsten Steel 2 low-pricing Flute C Mills 4 End

digital caliper HRC45/55/65 Tungsten Steel End Mills 2/4 Flute C


digital caliper HRC45/55/65 Tungsten Steel End Mills 2/4 Flute C

Product description

Product Information:
Product Name: 45 Degree Tungsten Steel End Mill
Material: Tungsten Steel
Cutting Hardness:45°/55°/65°
Coating: Tiain Coating
Scope Of Application: Processing Workpiece Materials With A Hardness Of 45 Degrees, Such As Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Cast Iron, Die Steel, Alloy Steel, Etc.
Features: High Hardness, Wear Resistance, Accurate Positioning, Good Chip Removal, High Efficiency
Note: The Shank Diameter Of The Drill Bit Is The Same As The Diameter Of The Drill Bit. Please Confirm Whether It Can Be Clamped And Used When Purchasing

digital caliper HRC45/55/65 Tungsten Steel End Mills 2/4 Flute C

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