$84 5" Diamond Resin wet dry Polishing Pad grinding cup 18 granite m Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $84,Polishing,m,5",wet,/betrumpet6241922.html,inovartebc.com.br,dry,Pad,cup,Resin,grinding,granite,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,18,Diamond $84 5" Diamond Resin wet dry Polishing Pad grinding cup 18 granite m Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools 5" Diamond Resin wet dry Overseas parallel import regular item Polishing 18 Pad cup m grinding granite $84,Polishing,m,5",wet,/betrumpet6241922.html,inovartebc.com.br,dry,Pad,cup,Resin,grinding,granite,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,18,Diamond 5" Diamond Resin wet dry Overseas parallel import regular item Polishing 18 Pad cup m grinding granite

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5" Diamond Resin wet dry Polishing Pad grinding cup 18 granite m


5" Diamond Resin wet dry Polishing Pad grinding cup 18 granite m

Product description

The arbor of zero tolerance drum and pad holder is 5/8"-11 Thread. Not M14 Thread. (a) 17 Pieces of 5" Diamond Polishing Pad for travertine granite concrete stone marble: 4 X Grit 50 100, 3 X Grit 200, 2 X Grit 400, 1 X Grit 800 1500 3000 6000. (b) 1 Piece of 5" (5/8"-11 Thread arbor) Aluminum Velcro Backer / Pad Holder. 1 Piece of 5 Inch Diamond Turbo grinding cup wheel working layer (attach it to the aluminum pad holder to use). (c) 1 Piece of 5 Inch Convex Turbo High Grade Blade. They do very good job for circle shape cutting for granite and concrete. The inner hole diameter is 7/8"-5/8", since washer/bushing/spacer included. (d) 1 Piece of 2" / 50 mm Zero Tolerance (Metal-Filled) Diamond Drum Wheel (5/8"-11 thread arbor). Do very good job for cutting of the stone, concrete sink hole. It is 1-5/8" height, it gives more room / space for working on both 1.25 Inch and 0.75 Inch sink cutouts.

5" Diamond Resin wet dry Polishing Pad grinding cup 18 granite m

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