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ZHONGPIN High-Precision Golf Cheap sale rangefinder 700 Times 7 Mag Luxury Meters

ZHONGPIN High-Precision Golf rangefinder, 700 Meters 7 Times Mag


ZHONGPIN High-Precision Golf rangefinder, 700 Meters 7 Times Mag

Product description

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Exit pupil diameter: 3.7mm
Range: 700m
Diopter: ±5D
Power supply: 1000mA lithium battery
Diopter adjustment: eyepiece adjustment
Unit of measurement: meter (m), yard (Yd)
Operating temperature: 0°C~+40°c
Ranging error: ±0.3m
Speed measurement function: √
Laser wavelength: 905 nm
Continuous ranging function: √
Transmissive LCD
Telescope objective lens aperture: 22mm:
Size: 108*72*40mm
Telescope eyepiece aperture: 16mm
Weight: 170g

ZHONGPIN High-Precision Golf rangefinder, 700 Meters 7 Times Mag

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